Delhi Belly Full Movie

Delhi Belly


Earlier, Ranbir Kapoor and Chitrangada Singh were to star in the film. After both of them backed off, Aamir signed his nephew Imran Khan[9] for the lead role following the tremendous success of his debut film Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. Shooting for the film began in August 2008 in Delhi. Indian comedian Vir Das was also signed to star in the film. According to director Abhinay Deo, “Delhi Belly is an ensemble piece. It’s not a film about Imran Khan. He is only one of the several protagonists. There are others whose characters are just as important. There is Kunal Roy Kapoor, Vir Das and Poorna Jagannathan, an Indian actress from LA”.[10] The film was stuck at the editing table for a long time. Initially, Aamir was to spearhead the editing but he got busy with his own films.


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