Sword Master full Movie Hd

Chaina Movie Sword Master full Movie Hd


Lin Gengxin as Hsieh Shao-Feng / Ah Chi
Chen Moyan as Shao-Feng (teen)
Harashima Daichi as Shao-Feng (juvenile)
Peter Ho as Yen Shisan the assassin
Jiang Yiyan as Mu-Yung Chiu-Ti
Zhang Ziyu as Chiu-Ti (teen)
Song Yiren as Chiu-Ti (juvenile)
Jiang Mengjie as “Princess” Hsiao Li / Sweetie
Norman Chu Siukeung (credited as Norman Chiu) as Cult (Hsieh Clan & Supreme Sword Manor) Leader Hsieh, Shao-Feng’s father
Pau Heiching as Hsiao Li’s mother
Ma Jingjing as Miao Tzu, Hsiao Li’s brother
Lai Jiatong as Nameless
Hong Mu as Madam Mu-yung

Directed by Derek Yee
Produced by Tsui Hark
Screenplay by Tsui Hark
Derek Yee
Chun Tin-nam
Based on The Third Master’s Sword 三少爷的剑
by Gu Long
Starring Lin Gengxin
Peter Ho
Jiang Yiyan
Jiang Mengjie

Bona Film Group
Film Unlimited Production
Distributed by Zhejiang Bona Production
Xinjiang Bona Runze Media
Huaxia Film Distribution[1]
Release date
2 December 2016 (China)
Running time
108 minutes
Country China
Language Mandarin
Box office CN¥100.7 million (China)
US$75,526 (United States

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